Regulations of the Internet service describe the conditions of using the Internet services by its users.
The User of Internet service is a person with legal consumer status in polish law interpretation. Is a private person of age, 18 years old, has full ability for taking legal actions and made a registration as a service Users. Placing an order using the website  means that person who places an order agrees to process his/hers personal details for services and order realization, and accepts the regulations of provided services using Internet.
Registration in the service is equivalent to acceptation for receiving the information about changes in service functionality as well as marketing and trade information. „Foto Print” will do very best to ensure effective privacy security to all service users, but do not bears the responsibility for the events being the result of deliberately interventions into the service by the third party/person.
All photographic orders received by the service are realized in accordance to the rules described in regulations.
3.Functional principles.
Internet service is provided by the „Foto Print” company, the owner of the service:

„Foto Print” Rafał Ziomek
31-232 Kraków
ul. Szafirowa 8
KRS  17122/95-SK
NIP PL - 676-101-36-86
REGON   350777364

„Foto Print” company provides all actions related to the services included in the regulations.
Photographic services are realized by the „Foto Print” laboratory in accordance with the currently available offer on the website. Photos are made on the Kodak photofinishing paper.
Services provided by consists on receiving by Internet website the photo files from the users in order to making/developing photos – on terms described by the user – and its delivering to the Office/Agenda or sending by Post Office.
Services provided by are payed.
4.Terms of orders/photos realization. service enables to order the photos that are described/listed in the offer on the service’s website.
The order concerning realization of the required services can be placed in three ways:
-  using the website  it is necessary to download free of charge program for processing and sending the photos by Internet. Using this program you should attach the photos you would like to order, specify its formats and quantities making use of options enabling photos procession, and send all of them by pressing the „Send” button.
- transfer by HTTP – this method makes possible to send each file apart by using the form on the service website,
- sending the photo files by e-mail on the e-mail address together with exact description of formats and quantities of ordered photos. Before sending an e-mail it is necessary to match the option “I demand the confirmation about reading the message” that is available in menu of your e-mail box.
All orders are made with taking the greatest care and in appropriate, taking the minimum possible time.
Person ordering the service for realization is responsible for correct preparation of the digital file for its development. “Foto Print” laboratory do not interfere in digital files that has been sent. Correct photo preparation in digital format is an obligation of the service user.  Digital files that are sent to “Foto Print” should be prepared in exact sides proportions for each format of the photo (“cut head” syndrome). More information you will find on our website
Technical conditions of order realization:

  • Form that was filled incorrectly will not be taken into consideration.
  • Order confirmation is automatically generated by the service and is sent on the Client’s e-mail address. 
  • All orders are made by the “Foto Print” Rafał Ziomek. 
  • Photos from digital files are made on the photofinishing paper in a format (link do tabeli formatowo-cenowej) that was chosen by the Client.
  • Photos are made only from the files with JPG, TIFF or BMP extensions
5.Terms of delivery.
All ordered services and products are delivered to the company’s Office/Agenda chosen by the service User or sent by registered letter to him by post (price of the charge letter according to the current Post Office charges) on the address given by the User.
User bears the costs of the letter.
The way of delivering/receiving the order is chosen by the User during making orders.
6.Price List.
Orders are realized according to current price list that is available on the website.
In case of orders received in a company’s Office/Agenda the User pays only for the service and do not bears the additional costs. If order is sent by post by registered letter on the address given by the User, the total price of the service is taken from the price for the photos and the price for the mail charges.
Price for one photo (a unite) do not depend on the way of receiving the ordered services (it is the same when receiving photos in a chosen company’s Office/Agenda as well as when it is send by post).
7.Forms of payment.
Personally: when receiving the order in a chosen company’s Office/Agenda you pay in cash, alternatively when receiving the letter on post office (payment for charge plus payment for the letter and its content).
8.Resignation from realizing the order that was made.
User has a right, during one hour since order has been made, to withdraw from the service by sending an e-mail with receiving/sending confirmation including information which order should be canceled or do it by phone (+48 012 633 88 53). After one hour it is not possible to cancel the order by the reason of the type of provided service.
In case of possible complaints in 14 days from the date of the photos has been received it is necessary to contact with „Foto Print” laboratory by phone (+48 012 633 88 53 Mon.-Fri.), by e-mail or sending a letter by post. The basis to initiate a complaint procedure is accurate description of the reservations about realized service. Then it is essential to send back on your own cost the photos that you are complaining about (in case, when the photos has been delivered by post), on the “Foto Print” address together with the purchase receipt, or to send them back with no charge by  company’s Office/Agenda where the photos has been received.
In the event of unfounded complaint, when the photos have been delivered by post, a cost of the mail is beared by the User.
In case of post mails, if the packaging is damaged, it is necessary in post officer’s presence to draw up a protocol of the damage without receiving the photos. If the mail with photos will be received by the client it means that he has no reservations about the transportation.
Complaint is respected in case of appearing the differences between the photos that was ordered and the content of the mail in a date of 7 days since the photos has been received.
We do not respect complaints with unfounded reasons.
10.Technical requirements.
Person ordering the photos development by the “FotoManager” program should have followed software and computer configuration:
procesor PII, pamięć 256 MB RAM, system operacyjny WIN 98 SE +

Zlecający wykonanie zdjęć przez internet powinien dysponować:
a) komputerem (min: procesor PII, pamięć 256 MB RAM, system operacyjny WIN 98 SE +) podpiętym do internetu
b) przeglądarką internetową (IE 5.5 +, Opera 9.0 +, Firefox 1.0.X +) z włączoną obsługą cookies i skryptów javascript
„Foto Print” in obeying the copyright depends only on Users statements. “Foto Print” states that User has wrights to all sent files. If the copyright of the third persons/parties will be violated all responsibility is taken by the User. He/She is obliged to clear „Foto Print” from any claims of third persons/parties and also to return all costs that were beared by „Foto Print” in connection with law investigation.
The object of the service cannot be the photos containing elements that are commonly known as:
- insulting, libeling or violating in any other way personal values of the third persons/parties, including the copyrights and all rights related to them,
- presenting any form of violence, profanation or pornography,
- elements that are at variance with the legal law and generally accepted norms.
According to the above reasons „Foto Print” can refuse to accept the order to realization. Company do not bears the responsibility for the content of orders.
Not complying to the regulation conditions causes the rejection of the User order, as it is not accepted to realization.

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